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If you are looking for a custom design and installation of the latest technology systems, look no further. With years of experience in the industrial world, we wanted to bring an affordable alarm / automation system that will provide you with lots of real time information.  Your custom design is put together insuring longevity, durability, custom design, and planning. We design your system to last as long as decades. We are not your off the shelf or online security company.


What We Offer

Technology Solutions for Your Every Need

JPW Technical Solutions provides a variety of technical services from fire, burglar, and intercoms to any Audio o r television systems. We are always trying to design systems better and more affordable. Schedule a meeting with us to hear more about how we can affordably outfit your home or office with all the latest technology.


Alarm / Automation

In the past, alarm systems were just alarms with a monthly fee. Today you can buy an online package system putting your control over a cloud (little sketchy) with a monthly fee.

We offer true sensor monitoring, giving the customer complete control from within your local network. Notification can be done over the phone/ internet/ email/ text (the only fee is your internet service).

Mobile connectivity can be done using a variety of apps (several with only a one time purchase). Let us demonstrate the powerful functions of the ELK automation Systems.


Camera Systems

We offer affordable camera system (with no monthly fee). Let us design, install, and set up a small to large video surveillance package system. You can view live video or review recorded video from the convenience of your phone. Recording can range from a week to month depending on your needs and concerns. All video is stored locally (not in a server across the world). require no monthly fees for video review.


Cabling Infrastructure

With technology changing daily, we understand your growing needs. We offer a well thought out design that lets you grow further than you ever planned. New IOT ( Internet of things) brings you the latest affordable real life gateways and your infrastructure provides the highway.


Complete Structured Audio Systems

Let us design and provide an audio system that's simple yet fully capable to deliver the sound to your ears. Using zone and iot technology we can provide you enhanced audio performance that gives you quality sound control at your fingertips. With products from Bose and JL audio we offer great quality with affordable prices.

Access Control

Let us provide you with solutions to control and monitor who enters your building and when. Unfortunately this day and age we live in a world where we need to lock some doors and control access. Our mission is to design a system that lets your employees go to work but keeps unwanted personnel restricted from certain areas at set times.  Let us provide you with a complete solution and integrates with the security and camera systems.


Fire Alarm Design & Installation

Although we show a lot of interest in some of the other low voltage systems, fire alarm design and installation is the field where most of our story started. As a partner with a NICET IV in Fire Alarm Systems we can offer many services. From providing shop drawings to estimating equipment and inspection services we are not directly associated with any proprietary fire alarm manufactures. We will provide third party services for approvals or inspections when you just need a second opinion.
We will design and provide Firelite Alarm Systems as one of our optional products.


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9120 US HWY 27E, Hamilton, GA. 31811




9120 US HWY 27E, Hamilton, GA. 31811

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